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We tailored this content to help you make the most out of all your enrichment items, while having fun and strengthening your relationship with your pup. Explore the featured products, bio, activity challenge and recipe. 
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What's Inside?!

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Featured Best Life Buddy: 

Meet Pluto, the 4 year old lab mix.

Spunky little Pluto is a beach-loving pup who enjoys going to Martha's Vineyard and the Fells for his favorite adventures!

His dad appreciates Pluto for his reminders to step away from the screens, find some new trails, and stay attuned to his surroundings! Stop and smell the flowers, right?

Pluto's playful antics with all his toys, old or new, are "just about the cutest thing in the world" according to his dad! His cute and happy demeanor certainly is infectious.

Follow Pluto's adventures at @eblazarus on Instagram!

Pluto wishes you happy exploration and adventures this month!

Activity Challenges

Fun, easy activities designed to provide added enrichment, improve behavior, and build a stronger bond between you and your dog.

Check out our featured challenge, then go through past challenges as they are added. Our activity challenges are created by our very own CPDT-KA certified dog trainer. Try something new and have fun!! Use #bestlifebox to share you and your pup enjoying the challenges.

Featured Activity Challenge:

Take a Selfie!

This fun little challenge is for teaching your dog how to be a killer selfie taker!

Yes, this is a fun little party trick and great for the 'gram, but it also teaches your dog how to follow a lure into unusual positions, hold a position, and focus around potentially distracting environments!

Show us YOUR dog's new selfies and tag us #bestlifebox on social media! You can even use the selfie stick in your FREEDOM kit for this one!

Watch the video to see how it's done! >>>>>

~ Library of Recipes ~

Featured Recipe of the Month:
Valentine's Gummies

Did you know dogs can love gummy candy just as much as we do? This is a fun recipe to mix things up in the doggy test kitchen and spoil the heck out of your best friend!

These only contain strawberries, water, and gelatin! So if your pup is a strawberry lover, these are for you! If they don't like strawberries, you can substitute any of your dog's favorite fruits or veggies to make this work! 

You'll need a silicone tray mold if you want to make these into fun shapes, but you can also use a cooking try and slice them. Lastly, a food processor or high powered blender will be necessary for these snacks.

Click the recipe for a downloadable, printable PDF! 

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