Puppy Kit! Enrichment to start them off right
Puppy Kit
Also includes leather and rope jungle friend toy (chew toy, fetch, and tug all in one!)
Also includes retro van enrtichment toy (use with dry treats as a tumble or stuff and freeze for teething relief)
Also includes hide n' seek disc (hide treats in the folds to fulfill foraging instincts and encourage scent exploration)

    Puppy Kit

    We all love puppies but we all know they can be a lot of work, too! Spoil the little fur nugget in your life AND set yourself up for success with our Puppy Gift Kit! This assortment is created by a team of trainers and pet professionals to provide you with puppy enrichment and other essentials for a happy, healthy, tired and fulfilled pup!
    Each kit includes:  
    • Enrichment toys to engage young developing brains
      • Hide n' Seek Treat Disc
      • Dura-Fused Leather & Rope Jungle Friend Toy
      • Retro Van Enrichment Toy
      • Chews to entertain and soothe teething puppies
        • Bambone Chew
        • Tremenda Disc Chew
        • Water Buffalo Cheek Roll
      • Easy and high-value puppy treat recipe for training
      • Tips and tricks for best use of your kit products
      • Activity challenges to train your puppy for fun enrichment and better behavior**

      That's more than $75 of value in each box!

      To gift this kit to someone directly, put their name in the shipping name and address at check out and we will send it right to them to enjoy!

      **Our activity challenges are created by our very own CPDT-KA certified dog trainer, designed to provide extra enrichment, improve behavior and build a stronger bond between you and your dog.


      Get Quality Time for You and Your Pup

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      Live Your Best Life!

      Get your dog, open your kit, and enjoy exploring it together!

      Scan the QR code inside to access the digital BONUS library for training tips, DIY recipes, and more to make the most of your kit!

      Our Promise

      We fill our kits with only the best products, items we love and trust to use with our own pups!

      All our treats and chews are top quality (why would give give our dogs any less?!) and we feature many items from smaller independent businesses (like us!) and companies with ethics we can support.