Pro-tips to make the most of your September FULFILLMENT Kit!

What's inside? Well, this month we are spoiling the heck out of our pups by offering some unique and useful goodies we think reflect the tastes of the season! "Fall" in love with... 


The ZippyPaws SmartyPaws Puzzle Feeder! 

The name may be a mouthful, but your pup's dinner won't be! Was that too much of a stretch? This puzzle feeder slows down mealtime so your dog can't gulp down their kibble, which can cause GI upset, bloating, or choking hazards! Your pup will need to slide and move the textured panels to gain access to their kibble, making mealtime into enrichment time. You know what that means? Relaxed, happy pups after dinner! 

A slow feed bowl with blue textured sliding panels makes mealtime enrichment time


Clyde Dog Salmon + Sweet Potato treats, Cranberry Fruit Snacks Crate, and Starfish Ultra Durable Nyla Chew! 

Next up, you'll find an appealing array of treats and chews we hope will make your pup happy, tired, and fulfilled. The starfish is a nylon based super-long lasting chew that you can smear your pup's favorite lickable snack into to make for an enticing and gnawable toy! 

salmon and sweet potato treats sit next to cranberry biscuits and a red nylon based chew toy.

For this month's gourmet goodies, we opted for crunchy treats filled with delicious (at least to your dog), smelly ingredients like salmon and cranberries. The cookies contain ingredients typically well accepted by dogs with sensitive GI tracts. And we dare you to find a cuter treat than these cranberry fruit snack crates. 

We're going to make the most of this kit by freezing some peanut butter in the holes of the nylon chew, then pushing a few broken bits of salmon and sweet potato treats into some of the larger holes for some added sniff and taste value.

We'll give our pups a cranberry snack for things like recalls, coming inside, or going into their crates.

We can break one up to sprinkle into their SmartyPaws puzzle for dinner, too! This will make solving that puzzle all the more rewarding. 

Pro Tip! Dry treats often create treat dust that you can save up and use to make DIY doggy biscuits! Just pour whatever crunchies end up at the bottom of treat bags into a airtight container for storage. When you have about a half cup of treat dust, combine it all with some flour, eggs, and water and you have yourself some homemade training treats!

Remember to supervise your dog with new chews and puzzle toys! 

Did you get another kit and want in on this goodness?? Click here to give your pup their best life with a FULFILLMENT KIT of their own! 


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