Pro-tips to make the most of your October FULFILLMENT Kit!


The season of colorful leaves and tasty pumpkin spiced everything is here and so is our fulfillment kit for the month of October! Check it out, we have:


A SodaPup "howl"-o-ween enrichment mat! 

a black rubber mat with zombie and ghost patterns stamped into it provides a way to smear lickable treats onto it for enriching, soothing, and occupying a busy  mind!

You can never have too many lick mats, in our opinion. They're easy to use, just spread any lickable snack into the design, and let your pup enjoy! Some dogs like them frozen for added challenge (though we've found some dogs tend to just pop out the snack bits like ice cubes, which actually makes it easier)! 

Make sure you use these with supervision, so your eager hound doesn't start trying to dismember the zombies themselves to get to the goodies! 

Pro Tip! These are great to use to occupy your dog during grooming and help them learn to love the process! They're also great to give your pup before you leave them so they aren't anxious about watching you go. 



Pumpkin flavored treats to reward your pup's tricks! 

A bag of jiminy's cricket soft treats sits beside a jar of pumpkin spice puppy peanut butter.

Don't judge those bug snacks too soon, because we're finding that tons of dogs absolutely love these treats! They're soft, low calorie, make great training treats, AND they're good for the earth! Crickets can be humanely and sustainably produced. They even contain taurine, iron, fiber, and other vitamins and omegas that make them healthy to boot. 

To go along with your new licking mat, we included some festive seasonal puppy peanut butter! We tried to fill half the mat with the peanut butter and half with yogurt for an extra spooky look... and great taste. No xylitol here!


Pig snouts and braided gullets for some quality chew time! 

two braided gullet chews are crossed over two dehydrated pig snouts.

You may not drool at the thought of snackin' on some dehydrated animal parts but your dog sure might! 

The pig snouts are oven-dried to retain all the porky flavor your dog will love. They contain rich sources of glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints, and omegas for healthy skin and coat. These are safe chews for most sizes and ages of pup!

The braided gullets are similar to bully sticks, but a touch softer. They are just as high in protein and easy to digest. These are also great when you need a moment to yourself and your pup needs a bit more than a walk around town to get their jitters out. Even older dogs can benefit from chewing, as it can help keep their teeth clean and muscles strong!

Did you get another kit and want in on this goodness?? Click here to give your pup their best life with a FULFILLMENT KIT of their own! 


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