Pro-tips to make the most of your November FULFILLMENT Kit!

November Fulfillment Kit containing treats, chews, and enrichment feeders!

This month we're thankful for all our wonderful subscribers who make these gorgeous, functional, enriching boxes possible! Enjoy some autumnal goodies like:


The Tall Tails rubber pinecone treat dispenser!

These were a hit in our Fall Freedom kits and so we wanted all of you guys in on the action, too! 

The ridges of the pinecone "seeds" make for great little stuffable crevices to hide your dogs favorite treats! Then fill the inner hole and you have a foodie pup's dream toy.  You can always use it without food for a fetch toy, too!

Pro Tip! If you want to freeze these, we recommend wrapping the entire pinecone in cling wrap or parchment paper before putting it in your freezer. Then allow it a few minutes to defrost just the outer edges so you can easily extract it, and give to your pup who need more of a challenge! (Or you know, when you need more quiet alone time! We get it!)



A durable horn alternative chew! 

It's not QUITE a cornucopia but your dog isn't gonna mind! The nylon infused with chicken flavor is sure to last even the most tough of chewers, and the ridges are designed so that you can spread snacks into it for added interest! 

Dog need chew opportunities for decompression from stressful days or events, boredom busters when they're needing extra stimulation, or for teething young dogs who need varieties of textures in their toy box! 


Delicious treats for a seasonal feast! 

Our dogs smell that turkey dinner we're cooking up... they know how drool-worthy that roast tastes! Give them their own turkey snacks this November with a variety of turkey themed goodies we picked ourselves for their high value tastiness!

Our more unique pick of the month is the Happy Howies Turkey Roll, which is a non-crumbly meat roll you can dice and cut into teeny tiny pieces to use as training treats, or keep them as disks or sticks you can stuff into kongs and other enrichment toys! We really cannot understate how useful these are as training treats - they've been a favorite of trainers for years, including our own staff trainer. 

The grain-free Plato's Turkey and Cranberry real strips are a delectable thanksgiving feast alternative that you can easy break smaller if you need to or stuff into puzzle toys for added difficulty to enrichment time!

Lastly, but certainly not least, these Vital Essentials turkey giblets are sure to be a hit in your dog's training pouch! Single ingredients, just turkey hearts or livers. If your pup is giving thanks this year, it might be for this month's treat selection! 

Did you get another kit and want in on this goodness?? Click here to give your pup their best life with a FULFILLMENT KIT of their own! 


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