Pro-tips to make the most of your MARCH Fulfillment Kit!


March madness is here, but it has nothing to do with basketball for us! Let's dig into what we got this month!


Check out March's fishy-themed goodies!

Polkadog really blew it out of the water with this one (did you see what I did there?)! Clam happens to be one of the most sustainable sources of protein in the ocean, and they used this omega-rich, low calorie snack to create some versatile and unique treats we think your dog is gonna drool over. 

And Plato is always known for high value treats that are healthy, single protein-sourced, and contain no fillers or artificial flavors or colors! Both of our treats this month can be broken into tiny bits to sue for training, or stuffed into enrichment puzzles for some brain workouts!


Pro Tip: You can use these kinds of round stick treats to plug the holes in many kongs and kong-style stuffable enrichment feeders... Which means you can fill it with more lickable, liquid foods like broth or yogurt without it leaking out the bottom! Give it a try and up your kong game!


This month's chews are crunchy and delicious!

Salmon skin rolls are a great lighter chew that I personally use a lot in the crate before bed or when we head out of the house. It contains healthy omega fatty acids and nutrients, and is great for skin and coat health! 

Try rolling one in some packing paper or cardboard boxes and hide it as a DIY hunting activity for your pup since they're nice and smelly and easy for them to find! 

March has mealtimes covered with an exciting new enrichment bowl! 

Can't wait to see how you guys get creative here because the options are endless!

Whether your pup is a gulper or needs some extra energy burned off, you can swap out the boring old normal bowl and use THIS to meet their needs. You can simply use it for their kibble and the design forces them to work at it a bit and eat slower. 

But if you want to turn it into a bit more of an enriching, fun activity for them to practice natural foraging and dissecting behavior (instead of on your couch or charging cables), you can fill it with a variety of food textures and tastes, and even freeze it and feed that way! 

Not only does this keep them busy for a while, but it can tire that busy brain a bit so they nap a little harder, a little longer, and feel more fulfilled in their day-to-day lives!

Pro Tip: If you replace your normal bowl with a slow feed enrichment bowl like this, you can still make kibble more enriching by adding water or broth to the bowl and freezing it so they can slowly lick and nibble it out. This gives them added hydration to a normally DEhydrating meal, and makes issues like bloat or GI upset, less likely!

We'll be posting some of our favorite DIY enrichment bowl ideas on our social feeds so don't forget to check those out and give us a like or follow!



Enjoy this oceanic goodie box and remember to tag us #bestlifebox on your socials to tell us what you think!

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-Morgan McMurdy, CPDT-KA

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