Pro-tips to make the most of your Winter FREEDOM Kit!


Season's greetings, everyone!

I'm so excited about this winter's kit because there are some seriously cool, unique, special goodies in this one. Let's dive right on in: 

Our enrichment items include the NOU crinkle rope, TallTails suction licking dish, and the Odin puzzle by Up Dog! 

Bet you haven't seen products like this at your local big-box pet store. 

I'll start with this funky crinkle rope... you can twist, tie, toss, and tug this one to make it into whatever sort of fun your dog loves! And if your dogs are anything like mine, they go nuts for that crinkle material! 

Pro Tip: If you tie your NOU in a knot, you can tuck and hide little treats inside of it to make it into a sort of snuffling enrichment!

Then we have this gorgeous licking dish reminiscent of a snowflake that I'm psyched to use in the bathtub to help my pups more willingly take baths! Try smearing into it things like peanut butter, yogurt, baby food, whatever dog-safe lickable snack you can think of! 

The snowball-looking puzzle toy is the Odin, a new knock-and-tumble style treat dispenser. But unlike most other puzzle balls, this one can be linked together with other Odins to make the puzzle more and more difficult!

I really like this one because it is angular and therefore won't roll as easily... in other words, my dog, Reilly, actually has to move it around to make the treats fall out. The more she has to work at it, the longer it takes her, and the more tired she gets after mealtime!

Pro Tip! If your dog finds these "too easy" and finishes it quicker than you'd like, use it as a hide toy! I like to fill it with 1/4 of my dog's dinner, hide it somewhere, wait 5 minutes (for the smell to drift around), and then send her to go find it! We do this four times and by the end, she is wiped out and full! Play hide-and-seek games at the level your dog is successful at and work up to more and more difficult hides. 


Next up, a cozy winter tube scarf, fun little selfie stick, and a lovely winter candle by Fox + Hound! 

I have three dogs and two cats in my house right now, but these super aromatic soy candles are the excellent at getting rid of any pet smell in the house and replacing it with rich, soothing scents of the outdoors and the wonders of nature... 

Man, got a little lost in the dreamy smells there. Anyways.

Bandanas are my usual go-to for my dogs but this tube scarf is beyond adorable. Plus, it's functional. Especially for our shorter haired pups! Bundle them up on a cold, windy day and snap some pics with the included selfie stick to post on the 'gram. Do people still call it that?

Speaking of that selfie stick... You'll find our activity challenge for the month of December is to teach your dog how to take a selfie! I have so much fun with this one and some of my absolute favorite photos of my dog are our selfies together. I mean, look at this: 

Can't forget the snacks! We have some tasty Turkey & Cranberry Polka Dog bakery treats, and a BONUS carob cookie mix from Biscuit Bistro!

I love baking DIY snacks for my dogs (that's why we have so many fun recipes over in our Recipe Library)! If you want a more simple approach, though, we figured this ready-made carob chip cookie mix would be the perfect way to still get your bake on this holiday season without feeling like you had to spend a ton of time doing it!

We even included some little surprise cookie cutters for you! 

If baking isn't your style, that's fine- these turkey and cranberry soft treats will still be a hit. Polka Dog is a Boston based dog treat company who have never steered us wrong. Their treats are always a hit and always high quality! All my girls love this brand. 

Pro Tip: Use any spare or leftover dough from your cookie mix to stuff into an enrichment toy or feeder and let it freeze overnight. You'll have a new flavor of fun to hand to your dog the next time you need to put them in their crate, leave them alone, or get work done while they're occupied!

Finally, we have this season's chews - an olive wood stick and a knuckle bone by Barkworthies!


Dogs who love to chew and gnaw sticks should love the olive wood stick. The dense wood doesn't chip and splinter like some other wood types can, which makes it a safer alternative to eating the sticks in the yard! (Or the legs of your table.)

I have two girls in our house who love to nibble the kindling for the wood stove, but since that's not necessarily a safe hobby of theirs, I can redirect them to chew this instead! 

You can even use it like a fetch stick! 

The knuckle bone however should be loved by all we're guessing. In our house it is certainly a high value item, and my one pup, Reilly, can go a bit hard on these so she needs supervision. Watch your heavy chewers and encourage them to take it slow and gentle. 


I hope your pups LOVE their goodies! Remember to tag us #bestlifebox on your socials and let us know what you liked best or what you want to see next time!

Did you get another kit and want in on this goodness?? Click here to give your pup their best life with a FREEDOM KIT of their own! 


- Morgan McMurdy, CPDT-KA

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