Pro-tips to make the most of your Autumn FREEDOM Kit!

What's inside? Well, this autumn season we decided to get cozy and sit around the fire to cook up this super useful, stylish, and enriching assortment for all our adventure pups out there! "Fall" in love with... 


The Tall Tails Pinecone enrichment toy, Stuffed Turkey plush, and Wobble Ball 2.0! 

We haven't seen such a cute stuffable kong-like toy like this pinecone in a while, so we're psyched to be supplying them in our kits this fall! These rubber cones can be smeared, stuffed, and frozen to make for a long lasting, safe, and enticing busy-toys.

You may find that some dogs don't lick into every single nook and cranny, so use what you think is most appropriate for the level your pup is at. Peanut butter is stickier and harder to get out than yogurt, for example. And you can always try to wedge dry treats in between the seeds of the cone that will be less messy and easier for your pup to get out if they struggle with lickable options. 

If your pup is anything like office tester Reilly Rose the aussie, however, you'll need to pull out the big guns and use a variety of textures and shapes and freeze the cone to make it as tough a puzzle as possible! 

A wobble toy, turkey roast plushie, and rubber pinecone make up this kit's assortment of enriching toys and puzzle feeders!

 The new Wobble Ball 2.0 features some cute a cute autumn harvest scene that actually helps make the puzzle tougher by blocking kibble from falling out too easily! This one is specifically designed for dry treats only, so use small training treats or their kibble meals and let them knock, roll, and nudge it around! This makes mealtime safer by lowering risk of bloat, GI upset, and choking hazard!

 Then you have the turkey plush, which like most of the toys we provide, is more than it appears! This turkey is "stuffed" with a squeaker as all good plushies should be, as well as a dog-safe tennis ball and rope legs for some tugging fun! Playtime is a GREAT time for bonding, burning energy, but also for training! Some dogs prefer to "work" for a toy. If your pup is like this, break playtime up with little asks of easy, fun tricks, rewarding your dog with more playtime. They'll learn to listen to you even when treats aren't around AND you're teaching them that listening to you is FUN and worth it for them!


Next up, a metal toothed flea comb, seasonal bandana, and a Kobe Hiking Kit! 

We want you to feel safe and prepared to go out and enjoy the gorgeous sights, sounds, and smells of that crisp autumn air! The Kobe Hiking Kit is an easy-to-pack essentials kit that contains biodegradable poo bags, wet wipes, bowls, collar light, tick removing tool, and a cute little travel guide!

This, alongside our last season's first aid kit, will make for the ultimate wilderness-ready gear so you know you can tackle any situation!

Throw that metal flea comb in there to get out burrs, fleas, ticks, and tangles when they happen so you don't have to fret about them turning into mats later. We always prefer these metal ones because the teeth are less likely to bend and break over time and they actually work to grab even the smallest ticks out of dense undercoat! It makes a great de-shedding tool, too. Ask us how we know. (It's staff dog Reilly... resident Australian Shepherd. She's got some fur)!

 Last but not least, a split elk antler and some sweet potato chips from the Natural Dog Company!  

A split elk antler is the choice chew of this season, being that it last almost forever and is ethically sourced from naturally shed antlers in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado! Dogs love the webbed marrow matrix at the center, as this is the part that is most easy to gnaw and enjoy. Elk antlers, despite being larger, are not as dense as deer antler. We suggest retiring this chew once all the matrix inside has been gnawed away.

The sweet potato chips are simple, delicious, and healthy. More dogs are able to enjoy them as they tend not to bother allergy sufferers or sensitive tummies. We love that these are a good source of vitamins and minerals, such as beta-carotene, vitamin C, manganese, vitamin B6, and more. It's even low fat and provides fiber for a healthy gut! Quite a staple to any good autumn harvest, if you ask us. 

Pro Tip! Smearing some peanut butter into the matrix of the split elk antler adds to the appeal for many dogs and can entice picky chewers to get some gnawing in! 

Remember to supervise your dog with chews! 

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